Scuba Checklist

Here are items you will want to bring on a typical boat dive:

1.- Your scuba certification card ("C-card").

A "save-a-dive" kit, including seasickness medication, if needed

Your scuba gear, packed in a gear bag, including:

You may be renting much of your gear from the dive shop, including the scuba tanks, BCD and regulators. Check with the shop well in advance and know what gear you need to bring along.

Some other items you might want in your scuba gear bag:

  1. Your dive log
  2. Pen (for writing in your log)
  3. For ocean dives: a drink box of citrus fruit juice. We recommend 5-alive punch, which for some unknown reason is better than any other drink we've tried at getting the salty ocean taste out of your mouth.
  4. Printed & laminated NAUI dive tables.
  5. For all-day trips bring some food. Avoid salty snacks, chocolate and caffeinated beverages - these can all promote dehydration. Instead, pack fresh cut vegetables and fruit.
  6. 40+ SPF sunscreen.
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