Diving Vacations

Are you ready to go scuba diving?

You should already have your scuba certification card and your own scuba gear. The next step is to get submerged.

Scuba diving is not a solitary sport; you will need a buddy on every dive. If you don't have a regular diving buddy, with whom you do all your diving, you will at least want to get to know other scuba divers you can go underwater with. Many diving communities have a "buddy board" where you can find like-minded scuba diving enthusiasts.

For many scuba divers who live in colder climates, scuba is a purely vacation sport. For those able to travel, we have made a list of the most amazing dive destinations in the world. Write the list, with permanent magic marker, on the bottom of your swim fins and cross each one off as you dive them!

In this section you will find tips for planning your dive, choosing a dive shop, renting gear and scuba tanks and much more.

Dive safely!

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