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pictured: Seiko SCH051 Quartz 200m scuba watch

If you are not using a nitrogen managing scuba dive computer, then you need to manage your downtime using dive tables. To use tables effectively you will require a dive watch.

Two things distinguish a scuba dive watch: water resistance and a rotating bezel.

  1. Water Resistance. Real dive watches are rated to either a depth in meters or feet (e.g. 300 feet) or a pressure rating in atmospheres (e.g. 4ATM). Though you probably won't venture any deeper than 130 feet you should look for a depth rating of 200 feet. Note: a "Waterproof" watch is not going to cut it. You can wash your dishes while wearing a "waterproof" watch, but it would probably leak and implode at 15 feet.
  1. An adjustable bezel. A bezel is a rotating dial on the face of your dive watch with a pointer indicator. When you are ready to descend, you align the bezel with the minute hand, where it stays for the duration of the dive. By comparing the bezel and the minute hand you can easily see how long you have been submerged.

A special note about the rotating bezel on a good dive watch: it will only turn counterclockwise! Since it is possible to knock your watch against your body or have it turn by accident, watchmakers make sure that any accidental misalignment will turn the time in a conservative direction - telling you that the dive has been longer rather than shorter.

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