Mares M1

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Mares M1
Mares M1

Manufacturer: Mares
Product Name: M1
Category: computers
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a review of the Mares M1 by John King
You know what I like best about this computer? It uses AAA batteries! I know that sounds silly, but I appreciate being able to use cheap, standard sized batteries (I have NiMh rechargeables) in my dive computer. The only other dive computer I've ever owned had these little Lithium batteries, like the kind used by manual SLR cameras. Have you ever tried to find a Lithium battery in Cozumel? *If* you can find them, they cost $7 USD each! For a battery! sheesh. So for me, that was the major selling feature. This Mares M1 is a decent computer and does everything that a dive computer should do. I haven't tried the PC Interface thing yet, actually that's rather intimidating. I generally like Mares equipment. Their regs are great, fins excellent, and my 12+ year old Mares wetsuit is still diving with me (good thing the fabric is stretchy! ha ha). So I'm not surprised that this Mares computer exceeded my expectations. For price it's perhaps a little more expensive than some computers, but certainly not one of the most expensive ones... for the quality of Mares and the satisfaction with what you're getting, it's worth the price. This is a 5-star product.

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