XS Scuba FogCutter X Recon Knife

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XS Scuba FogCutter X Recon Knife
XS Scuba FogCutter X Recon Knife

Manufacturer: XS Scuba
Product Name: FogCutter X Recon Knife
Category: knives
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FogCutter X Recon Knife
available from LeisurePro.com

A backup for itself?
a review of the XS Scuba FogCutter X Recon Knife by Ray
I wasn't sure at first what this knife was trying to do - by including the "built-in scissors" I felt like this Fog Cutter X Recon (is that name ripped out of a video game or something?) was trying to be a backup for itself. Normally I carry a set of shears in case I lose my knife or for some reason can't cut a piece of rope or line with it. Of course, if you have both scissors and a knife combined in one tool, it isn't redundant so much as it is ridiculous. And at $80, the price of this knife doesn't really turn my crank either - after handling it in the store, I'm heartily unimpressed. The only good reason I can think of to buy it is if you actually LIKE people staring at your gear and don't realize that they're laughing behind your back because of your Rambo-style X-treem kit.

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