Aqua Sphere Seal XP

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Aqua Sphere Seal XP
Aqua Sphere Seal XP

Manufacturer: Aqua Sphere
Product Name: Seal XP
Category: masks
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it's the right mask for me
a review of the Aqua Sphere Seal XP by Walter P
This is the mask I own. When I went into my local dive shop (before my first certification class) I tried on literally every mask in the place. Besides sucking the masks onto my face and walking around the shop to check the seal and range of vision, they also let me take a few into the indoor adjoining pool. I believe I narrowed it down to 4 masks and ended up choosing the Aqua Sphere mask because it felt better than the others. Now I've had that mask for 3 years, and I'm still happy with it. I obviously use it for scuba but I do a lot of snorkelling at the beach too, and so this mask has seen a lot of water. When choosing a mask, you really just go with the one that feels best and seals nicely, and everyone's face is a different shape so it's difficult to say that the Aqua Sphere is better than the others. But it's the mask that fit me best. I can admit I've dropped it in the sand countless times, stepped on it wearing boots, and even dropped a cylinder on it once - and it's still in good shape so yes it is a well-made mask and I'd give it a confident recommendation to any diver.

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