Deep See Response Full Foot Fins

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Deep See Response Full Foot Fins
Deep See Response Full Foot Fins

Manufacturer: Deep See
Product Name: Response Full Foot Fins
Category: fins
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Response Full Foot Fins
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Decent, I Guess...
a review of the Deep See Response Full Foot Fins by Albie
Although I already have several sets of fins that are arguably better than these, I am also one of those people who finds himself irresistibly compelled to buy things, especially when they're below the $25 mark. It's like I didn't really spend any money at all on these fins, you know? And for the price of $0, rounded down as my system allows me, these would be a great set of fins! Of course, by a normal person's accounting standard, they might not be quite so exciting at $25 plus taxes and/or shipping. The Deep See Response fins are reasonably comfortable, they don't slip off of your feet if sized correctly, and they definitely allow some speed... but if you really want a good fin, you should probable spend the money to get one. These ones are passable, and a fine purchase if you find yourself needing to spend some money. I don't really recommend them, but your mileage may vary. Next time I think I'll go look at the snorkel section instead - I should be able to find something really GOOD for under $25 there.

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