Apollo Bio Fin Pro C-Series,

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Apollo Bio Fin Pro C-Series,
Apollo Bio Fin Pro C-Series,

Manufacturer: Apollo
Product Name: Bio Fin Pro C-Series,
Category: fins
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Bio Fin Pro C-Series,
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Your wife might hit you.
a review of the Apollo Bio Fin Pro C-Series, by Trunk
When I bought these, my wife was disgusted to find that I paid $200 for a set of fins that were so "butt-ugly". Actually, when I bought them originally, I felt like I was paying for the SS strap and getting fins thrown in as well - the salesperson kept hyping the fact that the strap would take "an act of God" to break the strap or let the fins come loose unexpectedly.

Honestly, when I bought them I had no experience with Apollo or the Bio-Fin line - my reasoning went something like "If they're this expensive, they've got to be at least nominally better than other models..." Questionable logic, but it's served me well so far - these fins may look totally goofy, but I'm not wearing them to the mall. They are definitely a powerful fin, but not for a poor swimmer - if you're finding yourself limited by your fins (and not by your budget) these are a good pair, with great power and acceleration, reasonable maneuverability, and the strap to end all straps. I don't regret buying them for a moment and would strongly recommend them - if you buy'em though, just be prepared to creatively explain why these $200 fins really ARE that much better than those half the price.

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