Akona Pirate Full Foot Fin

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Akona Pirate Full Foot Fin
Akona Pirate Full Foot Fin

Manufacturer: Akona
Product Name: Pirate Full Foot Fin
Category: fins
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Pirate Full Foot Fin
available from LeisurePro.com

Basic fin.
a review of the Akona Pirate Full Foot Fin by Maximo
There's really nothing to complain about here - this is a mid-to-low-priced fin with mid-to-low-level performance. It's not the most comfortable fin I've tried, but a 40-minute dive in them didn't feel like a medieval torture. It didn't yield "effortless speed with almost zero fatigue", but they were better than kicking around barefoot. If you want to work for your speed, these fins are fine, but they don't give optimum acceleration, maneuverability, etc. If you're a good swimmer, these are quite workable, and they're a good price and size, as well as being pretty comfortable (to me at least). No complaints, no praise, all around basic functional fin.

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