Akona Azione Full Foot Fins,

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Akona Azione Full Foot Fins,
Akona Azione Full Foot Fins,

Manufacturer: Akona
Product Name: Azione Full Foot Fins,
Category: fins
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Azione Full Foot Fins,
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Ridiculous Fins...
a review of the Akona Azione Full Foot Fins, by Susan
These things look ludicrous, but they work very well. As always, the marketing claims are a bit overblown (I sure didn't find my acceleration "effortless") but not baseless... these are easier fins to use than dozens of others that I've tried in a variety of different environments. My only complaint has nothing to do with the fins themselves - it was really difficult to find a fin that fit properly because of my foot size. I was somewhere between sizes, and so I had to get one that was either too tight or too loose. I went for too tight, obviously - but it turns out that they're just about right; I learned that my feet shrink a bit in cool water.

Good learning experience, but it mainly makes me want to stick with open-heel so that I can get a bootie that fits and size the fin to the bootie.

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