Aqua T-REX Titanium Knife

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Aqua T-REX Titanium Knife
Aqua T-REX Titanium Knife

Manufacturer: Aqua
Product Name: T-REX Titanium Knife
Category: knives
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My Backup Knife
a review of the Aqua T-REX Titanium Knife by Poseidon
This gets 4 stars only because it isn't quite as amazing as my Tusa H-1 Hyper knife, but it does a great job too. Super sharp, doesn't rust, and so much lighter than it looks. This is one menacing knife, and the sheath is one of the most secure that I own. This one is very expensive, but that's what you get when you buy titanium. I figure that I paid for the quality.

I like the one-piece style of this knife, as well as the finger guard. This may be a bit pricey for most people, but you won't likely lose it because of its secure sheath. If you just want a cheap throwaway dive knife that you expect to lose, get something else. But if you like quality and you pay attention to your equipment, you will LOVE this knife.

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