Zeagle EMT Scissor Only

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Zeagle EMT Scissor Only
Zeagle EMT Scissor Only

Manufacturer: Zeagle
Product Name: EMT Scissor Only
Category: knives
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EMT Scissor Only
available from LeisurePro.com

Good Shears...
a review of the Zeagle EMT Scissor Only by Jim
Zeagle quality shows, but like most of these EMT style shears the weak point is definitely the center pin. The stainless steel blades hold up well, but the center pin/hinge is what will rust/pit/fall apart. If you really want a set of shears to last a lifetime, spend the money for all titanium, all over - INCLUDING the centre pin holding the blades together.

This is actually a really good set of shears, everybody seems to use a rustable hinge on an otherwise great piece of equipment - so no better/no worse than everyone else here. The bar is fairly low I guess, but this one is average or above-average comparatively.

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