Tusa Imprex Knife, Point (FK-210)

Manufacturer: Category:

Tusa Imprex Knife, Point (FK-210)
Tusa Imprex Knife, Point (FK-210)

Manufacturer: Tusa
Product Name: Imprex Knife, Point (FK-210)
Category: knives
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Imprex Knife, Point (FK-210)
available from LeisurePro.com

Seriously badass blade.
a review of the Tusa Imprex Knife, Point (FK-210) by Steve
I feel like a total action hero with this knife - it looks awesome, fits your hand well even with gloves on, and locks securely into its sheath. The straps don't seem as reliable as they could be, but still good - I think if I ever lose this knife, the sheath will go with it. I just want to keep pulling it out all the time because it's so cool though. Anyway, it's really sharp right out of the box and hasn't gotten dull so far... I've cut ropes, fishing lines, cloth, and some little branches off of trees with it. Haven't needed it during a dive yet, but when I do I'll know I can count on it!

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