Tusa Hyperdry Snorkel (SP-130)

Manufacturer: Category:

Tusa Hyperdry Snorkel (SP-130)
Tusa Hyperdry Snorkel (SP-130)

Manufacturer: Tusa
Product Name: Hyperdry Snorkel (SP-130)
Category: snorkels
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Hyperdry Snorkel (SP-130)
available from LeisurePro.com

light weight
a review of the Tusa Hyperdry Snorkel (SP-130) by ian
flexible and provides an easy breathe
apparently folds in 3 but not too sure how long it would last if you kept on doing that
clips on using a quick release clip, easy to use and convenient
doesn't get in the way when diving like other snorkels
i dont know why, but it doesnt well for me anyway others may differ

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