Apollo Prestige Stowable Snorkel

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Apollo Prestige Stowable Snorkel
Apollo Prestige Stowable Snorkel

Manufacturer: Apollo
Product Name: Prestige Stowable Snorkel
Category: snorkels
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Prestige Stowable Snorkel
available from LeisurePro.com

Great Foldable Tube!
a review of the Apollo Prestige Stowable Snorkel by JohnJames
I've always hated snorkels - they flop around and smack me in the face, cause my mask to flood, etc. I'd almost rather take a shorter dive and not have to worry about the snorkel. Got to try this foldable snorkel with rental gear recently. Very flexible, easy to fold for storage, and even being mashed up or stuffed in a pocket for some time, the tube itself didn't seem to get stressed. It was so flexible that I thought it might stretch/strain/tear with even a bit of abuse, but this stuff seems very durable.

Looks like a normal snorkel, but it folds in three segments so you can stuff it in a pocket. Works more or less like a regular snorkel in the water, has an exhaust cap at the top, and a purge valve to drain accumulated water. The little clip makes it easy to connect it to your mask, and it isn't too much of a pain once you've got it on there.

Given how easy it is to work with and how handy it is when you need it, I'd definitely recommend this one.

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