Ikelite RCD Halogen Light (1200)

Manufacturer: Category:

Ikelite RCD Halogen Light (1200)
Ikelite RCD Halogen Light (1200)

Manufacturer: Ikelite
Product Name: RCD Halogen Light (1200)
Category: lights
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RCD Halogen Light (1200)
available from LeisurePro.com

a good light
a review of the Ikelite RCD Halogen Light (1200) by Jim Bast
When I went diving the cenotes in January I rented my gear from a shop in Playa Azul and these there the lights they have there. Our whole group (4 divers + our guide) had Ikelite RCDs like the one in the picture. They have a good bright beam, it focuses with a solid "spotlight" on what you're looking at, but also "leaks" a little light to fill a cave so you can see what is around you. I probbaly won't need a light since I mostly do open water daytime diving, but if you're looking for a light this is a good one, I'd say. Jim.

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