Aqualung Mythos 2 Window Mask

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Aqualung Mythos 2 Window Mask
Aqualung Mythos 2 Window Mask

Manufacturer: Aqualung
Product Name: Mythos 2 Window Mask
Category: masks
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Mythos 2 Window Mask
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The Bee's Knees!
a review of the Aqualung Mythos 2 Window Mask by Poseidon
This is an excellent mask! I admit that I would prefer a one-window model, but the fit is excellent, the strap adjustment mechanism is easy and effective, and the mask is very easy to clear. It fits me so perfectly that it feels as though it were built specifically for my face, and the glass is very easy to look through, without distracting light from above or the sides (due to the opaque frame). Overall, this is just an excellent mask, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be able to better appreciate the glorious sub-aqua views that are too-often sullied by masks of poorer quality.

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