Aqualung Look Two Window Mask

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Aqualung Look Two Window Mask
Aqualung Look Two Window Mask

Manufacturer: Aqualung
Product Name: Look Two Window Mask
Category: masks
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Look Two Window Mask
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Bad mask for smaller faces.
a review of the Aqualung Look Two Window Mask by Jackie
This looks like it might be a pretty good mask, but if you have a smaller face, it definitely isn't a good choice. I had trouble getting a good seal, and I felt like the mask was designed expecting my eyes to be about two inches further apart than they were - as it was, it was distracting to try and swivel my eyes from side to side because of the large pillar in the centre, and the strange shape of the windows themselves. Seems like it would be a reasonable mask if it were made on a slightly smaller scale, though - I'm not really disappointed with it, it just didn't fit me personally all that well.

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