Mares X-Stream Mask

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Mares X-Stream Mask
Mares X-Stream Mask

Manufacturer: Mares
Product Name: X-Stream Mask
Category: masks
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a good mask
a review of the Mares X-Stream Mask by Patti
As with the entire Mares line, this mask is excellent. I bought this mask along with a Mares Sahara Snorkel, and have been quite pleased with both on about 30 dives so far. My biggest peeve with scuba masks is usually the nosepiece; this one fits nicely and neither pinches nor rubs, purges easily with a light exhalation. This mask also seems to fog less than other masks I've used. I don't know why that would be but it's just what I noticed. Maybe there's something different about the plastic? My old mask, an AquaSphere, was not as comfortable and I had a lot more problems with constant fogging.

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