Body Glove Corrective Optical Mask

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Body Glove Corrective Optical Mask
Body Glove Corrective Optical Mask

Manufacturer: Body Glove
Product Name: Corrective Optical Mask
Category: masks
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Corrective Optical Mask
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Affordable Prescription Alternative...
a review of the Body Glove Corrective Optical Mask by Gimp
This is a good mask - it's not a great mask, but it's a good mask. Being nearsighted, I've just had to live with not seeing the sights underwater as well as everyone else. Not a big deal, because I didn't really know what I was missing, and I didn't feel like spending the money for a prescription mask. Those days are over - although this mask isn't as good as my topside glasses, the difference is like night and day. I wouldn't dive with any other mask (or at least, I'd spend the extra $$$ for prescription lenses now). This mask is a great idea, because it gives a more affordable option for divers on a more limited budget who may have vision problems.

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