Aqualung Pulse Open Heel Fins

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Aqualung Pulse Open Heel Fins
Aqualung Pulse Open Heel Fins

Manufacturer: Aqualung
Product Name: Pulse Open Heel Fins
Category: fins
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Pulse Open Heel Fins
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Nice Fin...
a review of the Aqualung Pulse Open Heel Fins by Jackie
I have to admit, I bought this fin partly because I liked the bright blue color - but there's nothing wrong with them overall. The foot compartment is way more comfortable than many others I've tried, and the straps work to keep the fins securely on your feet without flapping around too much, getting in the way, or unfastening and trying to fall off in the water.

These fins do take some leg strength, but I dance, so I'm able to get good speed out of them. If you're looking for a low-effort fin, probably better to get a split.

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