Blue Reef Kids Splash Split Fin

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Blue Reef Kids Splash Split Fin
Blue Reef Kids Splash Split Fin

Manufacturer: Blue Reef
Product Name: Kids Splash Split Fin
Category: fins
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Kids Splash Split Fin
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Good kids' fins...
a review of the Blue Reef Kids Splash Split Fin by Ray
These are basically toys. If you want to take your kids out in the water, but they're too small for real gear, these will do the trick. At seventeen bucks, you can't really go wrong - worst case scenario is that the kids will develop a liking for bad fins that you'll have to train out of them when they actually start diving. These things do look a little ridiculous, and they seem stiffer than I'd expect of a kids' fin - but my son seems to like them, and he kicks around in the water about as fast as he does barefoot, albeit with lots of splashing. I'd guess they're not so great as far as efficiency, but I don't exactly mind letting the lad get tired.

These are good fins for kids, bad fins for reef diving - pretty easy call.

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