Blue Reef Open Heel Fins

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Blue Reef Open Heel Fins
Blue Reef Open Heel Fins

Manufacturer: Blue Reef
Product Name: Open Heel Fins
Category: fins
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Open Heel Fins
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Budget Fins...
a review of the Blue Reef Open Heel Fins by Steel
Another set of budget fins. They're not bad, they're not great, they're inexpensive. That said, you do get what you pay for - They're stiff, not all that comfortable, and even with booties on it just feels like the foot area wasn't designed with human feet in mind - I can't decide if it feels too rounded or too square, but it mashes down on the toes. Trying them on is fine, diving for fifteen or twenty minutes gets a bit uncomfortable, but if you go on hour-and-up dives I'd be absolutely miserable by the time I got topside. That said, if your feet and booties are exceptionally round or square, you may find that these flippers fit you like none you've ever tried... I've never liked those chairs that curve to fit your behind either; I don't know whose behind they used to mold it, but if you like them, these may be the fins for you!

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