Tusa Imprex Open Heel Fins (SF-8800/SF-7700/SF-9900)

Manufacturer: Category:

Tusa Imprex Open Heel Fins (SF-8800/SF-7700/SF-9900)
Tusa Imprex Open Heel Fins (SF-8800/SF-7700/SF-9900)

Manufacturer: Tusa
Product Name: Imprex Open Heel Fins (SF-8800/SF-7700/SF-9900)
Category: fins
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Imprex Open Heel Fins (SF-8800/SF-7700/SF-9900)
available from LeisurePro.com

Awesome Fin!
a review of the Tusa Imprex Open Heel Fins (SF-8800/SF-7700/SF-9900) by Poseidon
With these fins, I am the king of the sea! Or at least the lake where the cottage is. Whatever kick you want to try, these things will put at least some of that energy behind you (or in front of you, or beside if you're trying a helicopter kick). They're super manoeuverable, flexible enough that you don't have to be an Olympic track athlete in order to kick with them on, and I can actually walk around on a wet dock without sliding and feeling like I'll fall over. Now if I can just get away from the murky depths of these Michigan lakes and back into something bluer, clearer, and saltier...

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