Force-Fin Pro Fin

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Force-Fin Pro Fin
Force-Fin Pro Fin

Manufacturer: Force-Fin
Product Name: Pro Fin
Category: fins
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Pro Fin
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The pup's nuts!
a review of the Force-Fin Pro Fin by Gordon Mackie
After 30 years of diving I bought a pair of Force fins - fantastic! Best things I have ever bought. Great in caves, wrecks, open sea and getting in and out through kelp and weed covered rocks. You can walk around in them, even in a RIB and they are great for climbing boat ladders too.
There is nothing I could criticise about these little beauties - I have used them here in Scotland and all over the world for 6 years now and they always get funny looks at first, then folk want a shot....and then they want to buy them off me on the spot!

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