Cressi Sub Rondine "A" Open Heel Fin

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Cressi Sub Rondine "A" Open Heel Fin
Cressi Sub Rondine

Manufacturer: Cressi Sub
Product Name: Rondine "A" Open Heel Fin
Category: fins
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Rondine "A" Open Heel Fin
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Cressi Sub Rondine "A" open heel fin
a review of the Cressi Sub Rondine "A" Open Heel Fin by K. Partin
I would not give these fins even one star! I bought a pair right before I went on a week long live aboard dive trip in the Bahamas. I had used my cressi-sub (1989) rondine fins for 15 years and decided it was time to buy a new set. Unfortunately, I did not test these fins in the water before I left for my dive trip. After the first day of five dives, the tops of my feet were red and it really hurt to fin on my last dive. I used my hands to move through the water most of this dive. The next morning I dove the first dive and found it so painful, I could not do another dive with these fins. Luckily, someone else had an extra pair of fins that I used for the rest of the trip. My dive buddy had also bought the same fins and experienced the same problem. He wore a few extra pair of socks and got through the rest of the week that way with the fins. After each dive, the top of his foot was red though and hurt. The whole footbox of the fin is completely inflexible with no rubber around the area that touches your foot. I wrote Cressi-Sub and never got a response from them about this problem.

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