Apollo Bio-Fin Pro

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Apollo Bio-Fin Pro
Apollo Bio-Fin Pro

Manufacturer: Apollo
Product Name: Bio-Fin Pro
Category: fins
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Bio-Fin Pro
available from LeisurePro.com

the best fin I've ever used
a review of the Apollo Bio-Fin Pro by Charles Snider
This fin is great. I've been diving for many years and tried many kinds of fins, and these fins are the best I've ever tried. The biggest complaint I have with many fins is the pressure I feel on the soles of my feet when kicking, when it feels like I'm pushing the fins up and down with my ankles. I'm always aware that I'm wearng "artificial feet". Not only do the Apollo Bio-fins fit well, but they are so comfortable to kick with, I forgot I had them on and really felt unencumbered in the water. I felt like a fish! These fins are also excellent for snorkeling. You are not likely to find a better fin on the market. And power? It's amazing. I've only tried a few split fins, and the difference is incredible. Combine the power of the split fin with the comfort of the Apollo Bio-fin and this is the best fin I've ever tried. I went out and bought a pair for myself and my son. Highly recommended!

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