Dacor Xtremelle AirTrim Womens BCD

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Dacor Xtremelle AirTrim Womens BCD
Dacor Xtremelle AirTrim Womens BCD

Manufacturer: Dacor
Product Name: Xtremelle AirTrim Womens BCD
Category: BCDs
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Xtremelle AirTrim Womens BCD
available from LeisurePro.com

Great BCD
a review of the Dacor Xtremelle AirTrim Womens BCD by A. K., Pittsburgh, PA
This BCD is a great BCD with its ease of adding and dumoing air without having to pull a statue of liberty to decend or struggle to add air either. The only major draw-back is the wieth integrated system.....it has no buckles and only comes with velcro.....so you should only add minimum weight to it for cold water dives. The only other problem was with the airtrim mechanism a "grain" of sand made the vale stick open on a deep dive and I had to abort the dive while at depth since it was sucking up all of my air for the dive.....no worries though training and a good dive buddy (my husband) kept me safe. Overall though I would recommend this BCD to the novice and intermediate diver.

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