Dacor Rav BCD

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Dacor Rav BCD
Dacor Rav BCD

Manufacturer: Dacor
Product Name: Rav BCD
Category: BCDs
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a review of the Dacor Rav BCD by FroggyMan
Good price, good featureset, great value. Plenty of strap adjustment on this BC, and it feels pretty rugged and durable. The “pulse inflator” is easy to work with and inflates quickly – I like it the best of any power inflator system I’ve used so far. This BC doesn’t feel tight when inflated, makes it really easy and intuitive to get neutral. Wish it had more pockets, but the one that it has is big enough that I’ll live with it. This BC is way cheaper than many out there, it does the job, and it’s comfortable. If you like holding onto your money, this is probably the best BC out there.

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