Casio G-Shock 200M Watch (DW6900-1V)

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Casio G-Shock 200M Watch (DW6900-1V)
Casio G-Shock 200M Watch (DW6900-1V)

Manufacturer: Casio
Product Name: G-Shock 200M Watch (DW6900-1V)
Category: watches
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G-Shock 200M Watch (DW6900-1V)
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I love Casio.
a review of the Casio G-Shock 200M Watch (DW6900-1V) by JohnJames
My last watch (non-diving) was a cheap $40-$50 Casio, all-steel construction, digital. I've found that they stand up to abuse like nothing else, and this one's no different. Whatever you're doing, above or below water, these watches just hang out on your wrist looking good and waiting to tell you the time. This one’s more expensive, but well worth it – sleek looking, stylish watch that works great no matter the temperature, weather, or activity. However, it is heavier than some comparable timepieces. If you want a lighter watch, or if you don’t want to shop based solely on price, something else might be your better bet.

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