Aeris Atmos Pro Diaphragm Regulator

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Aeris Atmos Pro Diaphragm Regulator
Aeris Atmos Pro Diaphragm Regulator

Manufacturer: Aeris
Product Name: Atmos Pro Diaphragm Regulator
Category: regulators
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not so good
a review of the Aeris Atmos Pro Diaphragm Regulator by John King
Using the Atmos Pro I found the breathing more laboured than the other Atmos regulator we have in the shop, the Atmos Sport. The purge button is stiff. I expected the Atmos Pro to be better than cheaper models, but it's just not so... Given that there are so many regulators on the market, you could get a Zeagle or Apeks for less and they are much better regulators than this Aeris. I have sent some of the remaining stock to the training pool and will not be ordering more for the shop. To be fair, it's not an awful regulator. If you bought one already, you weren't ripped off... but these are just not quite as good as other brands even though they are more expensive.

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