Zeagle Envoy Regulator

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Zeagle Envoy Regulator
Zeagle Envoy Regulator

Manufacturer: Zeagle
Product Name: Envoy Regulator
Category: regulators
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Envoy Regulator
available from LeisurePro.com

zeagle regs are really good
a review of the Zeagle Envoy Regulator by Marian Sharpe
When I was looking for my own regulator, I looked around a lot. For years I had been renting them everywhere I went, and always paid close attention to the equipment and wrote the brands down in my log book. Here an Apeks, there a Mares, another place an Oceanic... I've "been around" and breathed through quite a few in my time :) Since I was renting everywhere I went, I never needed to buy a reg until a recent trip to Colorado. My buddy and I wanted to go diving in a remote lake where there was - egads - not a dive shop anywhere in sight! The time had come to buy my own reg, tanks, and everything for this road trip. Looking through my log book(s) I saw that in Cozumel I rented a Zeagle, and in the margin had written "**** this is a really nice reg". So when I called my dive shop and said I was going to buy a reg (and tanks and bc... )asked to "test drive" a Zeagle again. They had several in stock so I got to take one out to the pool and submerge with it. It is really nice, breathes comfortable, doesn't have a "suck" or "rattle", the mouthpiece is comfortable, and I remembered why I mde a special note of it in my log. So if you're looking to buy a regulator, I'd recommend the Zeagle. It's often less expensive than other brands, but just as good!

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