Beuchat Primo

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Beuchat Primo
Beuchat Primo

Manufacturer: Beuchat
Product Name: Primo
Category: masks
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an excellent mask
a review of the Beuchat Primo by Kevin J
This is a really nice mask. I got one of these when I was first certified and of all the masks I tried on, this one had the best "feel". What they say about this mask is true: you can easily adjust it even wearing 9mm neoprene gloves. When I have it adjusted just right, I can clear my mask with a simple nasal exhale and the skirt stays sealed. I just generally like Beuchat gear. I don't know why it's difficult to find in my local dive shops, being a well known brand and all. My mask (Primo), snorkel (Activa Dry Flex Purge), and regulator (VX10 Evolution) are all Beuchat and I have been happy with all of them.

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